Definition of thru in US English:


adverb, preposition, & adjective

North American
  • nonstandard spelling of through
    • ‘You help me to get thru each day without screaming at those around me.’
    • ‘They have been thru a lot and so this is more than a wedding, it is a triumph of love.’
    • ‘Watch as they huddle in the bushes, then climb thru a few strands of barbed wire and run for freedom.’
    • ‘Sophie snickered stupidly like the idiot she was, not even thinking the answer thru.’
    • ‘It looks like my dad will come out the Saturday after surgery and stay thru Thursday.’
    • ‘About that time the kitchen picture window that we were looking thru began to bow in and out.’
    • ‘I decided the only way to make it thru the tournament and all the highs and lows was to make him a warrior.’
    • ‘Managers will be able to think thru problems more thoroughly and do so for longer periods of time.’
    • ‘You have no experience and little or no knowledge about what you are going thru.’