Definition of throw something together in US English:

throw something together

phrasal verb

  • Make or produce something hastily, without careful planning or arrangement.

    ‘the meal was quickly thrown together at news of Rose's arrival’
    • ‘We threw it together at the last minute, so it's a few boxes decorated with leftover baby shower stuff.’
    • ‘They have a bunch of ambitious interns throw something together in a day.’
    • ‘I will throw some things together and we will meet you out there!’
    • ‘Anyway, guess who had to drop everything - including his beloved blog - and scramble to throw something together on the fly?’
    • ‘Absolutely we'll throw something together for you.’
    • ‘I'm thinking I might try and throw something together as well.’
    • ‘I like illustrations that don't look as though they were thrown together in a hurry!’
    • ‘We threw it together, but everyone loved it anyway.’
    • ‘Interviews also mentioned they threw the movie together in a very short period of time, and it shows in parts.’
    • ‘The general feeling seems to be that the plot was thrown together and the story lacks structure.’
    improvise, contrive, devise, throw together, cobble together, concoct, rig, jury-rig, put together
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