Definition of throw something away in US English:

throw something away

phrasal verb

  • 1Discard something as useless or unwanted.

    • ‘How hard is it to remove the paper and throw it away?’
    • ‘As I was walking to the rubbish bin to throw the empty bottles away I spotted Leon and Alaina.’
    • ‘Now these wear out as you can imagine, and rather than throw them away or just recycle them for metal, we actually rebuild them here.’
    • ‘He stood up and with a slight difference in his walk threw his current bottle away and got a new one out of the fridge.’
    • ‘He stops writing and throws the paper away, crying into his hands.’
    • ‘He flushed the pills down the toilet and threw the bottle away in his room.’
    • ‘She threw the bottle away and searched through the other cabinets for something edible.’
    • ‘Pots got broken, bones were thrown away after the meat on them was consumed and structures collapsed or were demolished to make way for newer constructions.’
    • ‘If you manage to influence the general public enough, society will begin to see throwing a glass bottle away that could otherwise be recycled, as wrong.’
    • ‘When the crop had matured, the seeds were removed and the flesh was thrown away.’
    discard, throw out, dispose of, get rid of, do away with, toss out, scrap, throw on the scrapheap, clear out, remove, dispense with, lose, eliminate, dump, unload, jettison, shed, dismiss, expel, eject, weed out, root out
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    1. 1.1 Discard a playing card in a game.
    2. 1.2 Waste or fail to make use of an opportunity or advantage.
      ‘I've thrown away my chances in life’
      • ‘I had it once and almost threw it away and now I've got a chance to get it all again.’
      • ‘They were 1-0 up after scoring a penalty in the second minute, but somehow threw it away, losing 2-1.’
      • ‘We have given ourselves a chance but we cannot afford to throw it away against Edinburgh.’
      • ‘We are in a better position than what we were earlier this week and we must not throw this chance away.’
      • ‘But then we played Sheffield at Leeds the following year and threw the chance away.’
      • ‘Let's not throw these advantages away by undermining the science education of our young people.’
      • ‘Another chance to bust up the happy couple is thrown away.’
      • ‘The home side held out for a 22-17 win, but after leading 12-3 at the break, they almost threw it away.’
      • ‘This was fuelled by a sense that major opportunities have been thrown away.’
      • ‘‘It was a big blow, but to throw it away like I did only makes me work harder and finish the season strongly,’ he said.’
      squander, waste, fritter away, dissipate, run through, fail to exploit, make poor use of, lose, let slip
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  • 2(of an actor) deliver a line with deliberate underemphasis for increased dramatic effect.

    • ‘As the eponymous heroine, she sings well but tries too hard to be cute and clever, and loses a lot of the humour in her part by overstressing her lines rather than throwing them away.’