Definition of throw people together in US English:

throw people together

phrasal verb

  • Bring people into contact, especially by chance.

    • ‘For example, it's easy to bring romance into the plot because a crime of some sort throws people together who might not normally meet, and this can make for very romantic, even exciting, scenes.’
    • ‘While everyone is emoting away with great intensity, the screenplay seems to wander aimlessly with random acts of coincidence throwing people together time and again.’
    • ‘There was a philosophical argument that it's better to throw people together and see what happens, and we went back to the old way.’
    • ‘The teams throw people together that may not know each other outside of the rodeo.’
    • ‘It threw people together, and forced one half of the country to see ‘how the other half lived’.’
    • ‘Just throwing people together in hopes of providing personal contact is not enough to overcome this sort of behavior.’
    • ‘It will help break the ice by throwing people together for some healthy competition.’
    • ‘Second, if you are pulling the support units from different combat units, you may be throwing people together who haven't been training together.’
    • ‘It's a delicate process to throw people together on radio or in life, but with them, it works beautifully.’
    • ‘I thought that would be a terrific way to throw people together who would normally not be together.’