Definition of throw one's weight around in US English:

throw one's weight around


  • Be unpleasantly self-assertive.

    • ‘I think a lot of us feel that there are too many senior doctors throwing their weight around.’
    • ‘I'll bet he was a real jerk around enlisted men… always throwing his weight around.’
    • ‘Problem is, you tend to get young blokes coming in groups of two or three, and just throwing their weight around.’
    • ‘Finally we have the realisation that throwing our weight around in other countries might come back to haunt us.’
    • ‘She seemed nice at first, but within a couple of days of them hooking up she started throwing her weight around, acting like they'd been going out for a year.’
    • ‘He is the typical office bully who throws his weight around because he is the boss's man.’
    • ‘Officials tended to throw their weight around, whilst deferring to those above them on the bureaucratic ladder, to scramble for petty privilege, and to defend their narrow departmental turf.’
    • ‘When you've already arrived you don't have to throw your weight around.’
    • ‘For the moment Chirac can still enjoy the best of both worlds: standing up to the USA, and throwing his weight around in Francophone Africa.’
    • ‘The scientist-hero of the story then begins throwing his weight around, bending ministers to his will.’
    arrogant, bumptious, self-assertive, bullish, overweening, presumptuous, pushy, throwing one's weight about, overconfident, conceited, affected, snobbish, cocksure, cocky, brash, smug, haughty, supercilious, disdainful, lofty, patronizing, self-important, high-handed, cavalier, imperious, domineering, dictatorial, overbearing, lordly, peremptory, pompous, officious, blustering, boastful, opinionated, bold, forward, insolent
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