Definition of throw money at something in US English:

throw money at something


  • Try to solve (a problem) by recklessly spending money on it, without due consideration of what is required.

    • ‘Commendable as it might be, it doesn't take much effort to give cash, then walk away from the problem you are trying to solve by throwing money at it.’
    • ‘It's bad policy because it throws money at problems without actually solving them.’
    • ‘The problem is too complicated to be reduced to a simple lack of cash, and as a consequence cannot be solved by simply throwing money at it.’
    • ‘He has gambled that problems would be solved by throwing money at them, but failed to show the political courage required to tackle chronic problems.’
    • ‘In indigenous affairs, there is a growing acceptance that Aboriginal disadvantage cannot be alleviated by throwing money at it.’
    • ‘I wasn't surprised to find that he had funded the publishing of it himself - because no publishing company in their right mind would want to throw money at it.’
    • ‘This is because most school systems, when faced with problems, throw money at them.’
    • ‘You don't repair the ravages of time just by throwing money at them.’
    • ‘Why throw money at something that isn't working?’
    • ‘However, money is not the driving force for Gen-Xers and companies that try to coerce them by throwing money at them will not see results.’