Definition of throw a lifeline to in US English:

throw a lifeline to


  • Provide (someone) with a means of escaping from a difficult situation.

    • ‘As happens so often when a side fails to take its chances, it throws a lifeline to the opposition.’
    • ‘It would also throw a lifeline to neoliberalism south of the border.’
    • ‘The deal threw a lifeline to more than 150 employees as well as thousands of customers who hold vouchers for activities such as hot air balloon flights and bungee jumping.’
    • ‘The council has refused to throw a lifeline to a children's football club facing bankruptcy.’
    • ‘The cash will throw a lifeline to the charity, which survives on donations from the public.’
    • ‘A casual observer could be forgiven for thinking that renewed optimism in the property market would throw a lifeline to the construction industry, especially foundation contractors.’
    • ‘The new initiative will place nearly 2,300 defibrillators in public places across England, to throw a lifeline to the tens of thousands of people who suffer a cardiac arrest in the community every year.’
    • ‘The introduction of aviation to remote islands did more than just provide a link to the mainland, it threw a lifeline to the whole community.’
    • ‘In a country where corruption is rife and mafia rules, throwing a lifeline to these children is no easy task.’
    • ‘And there are many individuals and businesses keen to donate much needed cash to throw a lifeline to these communities.’