Definition of throw (or pour) cold water on in US English:

throw (or pour) cold water on


  • Be discouraging or negative about.

    • ‘I'm afraid I was forced to throw cold water on these assumptions.’
    • ‘Instead, she threw cold water on all that Internet euphoria.’
    • ‘If someone offers $5 billion worth of infrastructure do you throw cold water on it?’
    • ‘Ever since the trendy Lefties in our society managed to throw cold water on competitive sports as part of the curriculum, our children have lost out on weekly exercise in schools.’
    • ‘BBC Scotland is trying to throw cold water on the hype surrounding its proposed soap, which has yet to be assigned a production team.’
    • ‘He threw cold water on my hopes of completing my law course as quickly as possible.’
    • ‘These reports, in turn, threw cold water on what was otherwise a lovely day.’
    • ‘A report from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development shreds government claims for success in schools and pours cold water on current educational policies.’
    • ‘According to Phillips, new research also pours cold water on hopes that children mixing in schools might break down the barriers between communities.’
    • ‘Is CBS attempting to throw cold water on Greenspan's prediction?’
    lessen, decrease, diminish, reduce, lower, moderate, damp, damp down, put a damper on, throw cold water on, calm, cool, chill, dull, blunt, tone down, deaden, temper, discourage
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