Definition of throatily in US English:



  • See throaty

    • ‘All she did was laugh a little more throatily and turn a delicate shade of blue.’
    • ‘‘Mommy’ Emily whispered throatily, her voice filled with sleep.’
    • ‘When the Irish anthem had finished the Irish supporters, numbering 30,000 at a conservative estimate, joined throatily in a rendition of La Marseillaise.’
    • ‘‘Because he's a sexy demon,’ he murmured throatily.’
    • ‘Back in 1875, Alexander Graham Bell clearly foresaw this development when, in making the very first phone call, he whispered throatily to his assistant: ‘Mr Watson, come here - I want you’.’
    • ‘‘Excuse me,’ she muttered throatily before turning around and walking quickly out the swinging doors.’