Definition of thriftless in US English:



  • (of a person or their behavior) spending money in an extravagant and wasteful way.

    • ‘She focuses on the joys of the old orchard where the trees, ‘long past their prime,’ remain with their ‘boughs… untrimmed in thriftless beauty.’’
    • ‘Riches cannot be found in the hands of the thriftless.’
    • ‘He's the last revolutionary measuring up the last of the thriftless rich.’
    • ‘Today we tend to dismiss the moralizing of the late Victorians who insisted that the unemployed were lazy, intemperate, or thriftless.’
    • ‘A certain disillusion is perhaps necessary for the practice of conversation: it is the art of the thriftless genius, appropriate to the brilliant failure, the genius manqué, and the inebriate.’
    • ‘Yet, as Smiles observed, ‘No laws, however stringent, can make the idle industrious, the thriftless provident, or the drunken sober.’’
    • ‘This certainly was ‘a thriftless sort of charity’, to use his own phrase, which did not cause him much sacrifice, although he was generous in absolute terms.’
    • ‘The U.S. Congressional Record quotes an unnamed speaker as saying ‘an idle and thriftless race of savages cannot be permitted to stand guard at the treasure vaults of the nation which hold our gold and silver.’’
    extravagant, profligate, spendthrift, unthrifty, improvident, wasteful, free-spending, prodigal, squandering, lavish
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