Definition of thriftiness in US English:



  • See thrifty

    • ‘Of course it's more practical and economical to buy an inexpensive, bottom of the range import but, let's face it, there's little elegance in thriftiness, and no store of value.’
    • ‘In the weeks up to Christmas, the thriftiness of shoppers left retailers worried as they feared people were saving for the sales.’
    • ‘Had their share of business activity been greater, their increase in thriftiness and prudence might have deepened or prolonged the recession.’
    • ‘‘I called a lot of favours,’ says Tucker, of his considerable capacity for thriftiness.’
    • ‘Strictly speaking, there is no gene for a sucking reflex, let alone for female coyness or Scottish thriftiness or cognizance of the concept of zero.’
    • ‘Moreover, from his low-church background Parks has also inherited a preference for puritan thriftiness which shows in his writing.’