Definition of thrift shop in US English:

thrift shop

(also thrift store)


North American
  • A store selling secondhand clothes and other household goods, typically to raise funds for a charitable institution.

    • ‘I found a church with a basement thrift store that offers cheap Internet access, so I am not completely cut off from the world.’
    • ‘Shop at the local thrift store (keeping up with fashion changes is unthinkable).’
    • ‘Their actual words were, mama gets a big check for us, she spends it on herself and we shop at a thrift store.’
    • ‘We started out at the book store getting a textbook on philosophy, went via a costume jewellery store, and ended up at a thrift store getting a top hat and feather boa.’
    • ‘It may sound ridiculous, but don't discount the value of a good high-end thrift store or vintage clothing shop in your search for a good suit.’
    • ‘The music's like a cross between a thrift shop and the Apple store: Just a jumble of ‘amateurish’ pop-song trinkets, stylish cast-offs, and entertaining gadgets.’
    • ‘Better still, get a variety of real hats from a thrift store or hat shop.’
    • ‘My frustration largely arose from the fact that both sections of hanging clothes felt packed and constrained my thrift store shopping urge.’
    • ‘I don't see why you even go shopping at places like this - don't you buy all your clothes at a thrift store?’
    • ‘Basically, I've always had to buy my clothes at the Salvation Army, which is a large-scale thrift store.’
    • ‘It is disenchanting to face the reality that these policemen were so interested in hunting down a pair of second-hand pants I purchased at a thrift store abroad.’
    • ‘I idly asked, sifting through a pile of grungy, old records he brought over before he'd sell them to the local thrift store.’
    • ‘She was clothed in clothes that came from a thrift shop.’
    • ‘You never had clothes, just stuff from the thrift shop grabbed in a hurry; hats, skirts, those scarves you wore, hoping to disguise poverty.’
    • ‘I found an adorable, hole in the wall thrift store that sold all sorts of things, from clothes to antiques.’
    • ‘All you need is some creativity (or a friend who's creative), a closet with some clothes, and a nearby thrift shop.’
    • ‘Whether you're shopping at a thrift shop or the best vintage store in the city, make sure the article is in mint condition.’
    • ‘Go to the thrift store or local discount department store and amuse yourself in there - the toy section can be quite fun!’
    • ‘I walk down to a thrift store, and buy some clothes to change into.’
    • ‘‘We were wondering if you could take us to a thrift store since you seem to have a lot of experience shopping in them’.’


thrift shop

/ˈTHrift ˌSHäp//ˈθrɪft ˌʃɑp/