Definition of thrice in US English:



literary, formal
  • 1Three times.

    ‘a dose of 25 mg thrice daily’
    • ‘Eaton is the only player to thrice go through a season scoring in every one of his club's matches, for Dewsbury in 1999-00 and for Batley in the last two seasons.’
    • ‘Evening batches will be held thrice a week for four weeks throughout the year between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m.’
    • ‘That we think it's OK for some people to have their lives turned inside out, sometimes twice or thrice over, so that some other and always much fancier people can live well?’
    • ‘Rangers have thrice stuck three goals past Dundee this season, though that 3-1 win at Ibrox in January was initially a lot closer than it turned out.’
    • ‘Sydney flights, via Bangkok, will become thrice weekly on March 27, becoming daily on May 1.’
    • ‘For them, the contents are listed thrice, under three different heads - alphabetically, composer-wise and raga-wise.’
    • ‘After her 19th birthday her thrice - divorced manager, afraid that her encroaching adulthood might impede her careerist progress, began to woo her.’
    • ‘Dr. Victor, whose line of degrees is at least thrice as long as his name, is a researcher whose distinctions and career excellence have hardly had an impact on his humility.’
    • ‘Emirates will continue to fly to Auckland thrice daily.’
    • ‘The 42 year-old man's life was spared thrice on January 14, when he survived electrocution, an oncoming train and being hit by a lorry’
    • ‘I've had the ‘pleasure’ of receiving this in my spambox thrice in the past week.’
    • ‘The Tipperary Stonethrowers Rally on August 12, the first stages rally since foot and mouth restrictions, will feature two stages thrice.’
    • ‘The next post down is the last three words (or one word thrice?) on moonshine enforcement in Fairfax, VA.’
    • ‘Thrice she has applied to JDRF; thrice they have rejected her.’
    • ‘Simultaneously, THAI will increase the frequency of its Copenhagen service from thrice weekly to daily.’
    • ‘But instead of Big Macs and large fries, thrice daily, I was to concentrate on the healthier offerings.’
    • ‘I'm choosing this example because it is one I face daily, often twice daily, thrice on the Sabbath.’
    • ‘Lawns are watered twice or thrice daily, especially in summer.’
    • ‘I like Nader as well, but certain moments of the decorated veteran's speech made me think thrice about how I'll be pulling in November.’
    • ‘If the patient is in severe pain or is feverish antimicrobials such as metronidazole 200 mg thrice daily for up to five days may be indicated.’
    1. 1.1as submodifier Extremely; very.
      ‘I was thrice blessed’
      • ‘I'm a thrice damned fool - lucky he has a well developed sense of humour eh?’
      • ‘Must you pester me now even after we're out of that thrice damned school and make my life more miserable?’
      extremely, very, really, thoroughly, exceedingly, immensely, incredibly, amazingly, remarkably, exceptionally, uncommonly, extraordinarily, perfectly, truly, simply, positive, positively, downright
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Middle English thries, from earlier thrie (from Old English thrīga, related to three)+ -s (later respelled -ce to denote the unvoiced sound); compare with once.