Definition of three-ply in US English:



  • (of material) having three layers or strands.

    ‘three-ply yarn’
    • ‘The athletic director bought three-ply swimsuits for the team.’
    • ‘In the in vitro study, a laminated, three-ply fabric failed the mason jar test, including those instances when the material was tested before being laundered.’
    • ‘And it's shooting for designer quality: sweaters with blends of alpaca and cashmere, and khakis made of three-ply Italian fabric.’
    • ‘The anit-viral aspect of the tissue activates when moisture from a cough or sneeze hits the middle layer of the three-ply tissue.’
    • ‘The outer fabric is a three-ply composite with an acrylic outer fabric, a rubber inner layer and polyester lining.’
    • ‘He developed cardboard refrigerator boxes with three-ply walls to safely and accurately deliver rations to refugees without using heavy crates or parachutes.’
    • ‘This basketball features a 100 percent high-performance butyl rubber bladder for air retention and more than 3,000 meters of three-ply nylon thread, which provides shape retention and bounce.’
    • ‘The outer layer of three-ply cotton fabric with arms allowed the wearer to reach the stick and throttle.’


  • 1Knitting wool made of three strands.

  • 2Plywood made by gluing together three layers with the grain in different directions.

    • ‘The bottom of the boat was marine three-ply, while the rest was canvas tacked on to a light wooden framework and painted vivid red.’