Definition of three-peat in US English:



[no object]North American
  • Win a particular sports championship three times, especially consecutively.

    ‘the Bulls rate as the favorite to three-peat’
    • ‘Now the only drama will be whether Carlos Franco (who loves the humidity) can three-peat.’
    • ‘Please accept the fact that Woods will three-peat at the Masters, and the reasons why.’
    • ‘The winner of Game 5 will have the unenviable task of trying to put a halt to the Lake Show's quest to three-peat.’
    • ‘The Lakers won't be three-peating unless they come off cruise control for the conference finals.’
    • ‘Too bad the NHL doesn't hand out the Stanley Cup in the fall, or the Coyotes would have three-peated by now.’
    • ‘He gained national acclaim by three-peating at the World Series of Poker.’
    • ‘In the lead up I could not believe people even giving Collingwood a chance, now I wish I had spoken up more on my belief that Brisbane was always going to three-peat.’
    • ‘One day after Marion Jones failed to three-peat in the 100 metres, Czech Tomas Dvorak remained on target to win his third straight decathlon at the World Championships here.’
    • ‘Everyone knew that the Lakers would three-peat, but now it's official.’


North American
  • A third win of a particular sports championship, especially the third of three consecutive wins.

    ‘all eyes were on the 49ers' bid for a three-peat’
    • ‘While a three-peat didn't materialize for the Sparks this year, Dixon has moved on and after a vacation will again be playing in Europe.’
    • ‘The Barbadian will try for a three-peat as she heads off to the Jamaican Open this week.’
    • ‘There will be a new champ; Minnesota, which was going for a three-peat, was knocked out in the quarter-finals by Minnesota-Duluth.’
    • ‘After a historic three-peat, he briefly walks away from the spotlight and his team, only to return amid new surroundings, having discarded his classic squad in favor of new, younger collaborators.’
    • ‘Early in his career, and even through the Bulls' first three-peat, Michael Jordan was most dangerous facing the basket.’
    • ‘It's a question that could decide whether the Yanks pull off the World Series three-peat.’
    • ‘We're only halfway home toward our goal of a three-peat.’
    • ‘However, a three-peat and four world championships in five years has easily qualified them for dynasty status, especially in this era of the three-tiered postseason.’
    • ‘With this year's title a seeming certainty for him, you know he'll be back and hungry as ever for a championship three-peat.’
    • ‘I worked very hard, so I'm trying to come out and dominate, and by doing that I'm trying to get a three-peat.’
    • ‘Last year, when we were trying to do a three-peat, the pressure was huge.’
    • ‘And although head coach Dave Hammond said his team's goal was to complete the three-peat, he said he was very impressed by Waterloo's efforts at the provincial tournament.’
    • ‘Now in his final year, he is confident of a two-peat, though he joked about feeling a bit cheated out of a follow-up three-peat.’
    • ‘He is hopeful that the school will be able to mount a serious challenge for a three-peat.’
    • ‘They are an able cast of winners with their eyes set on a three-peat.’
    • ‘He was named 2004 Wellington coach of the year for his part in the Black Sox’ unprecedented three-peat of world softball championships.’
    • ‘Although the Lakers have rebounded well during the season's second half, the future of many of the players who've contributed to their three-peat is in doubt.’
    • ‘The team conceivably could be working on a three-peat next season.’


1980s: from three + a shortened form of repeat.



/θri pit/