Definition of three-mile limit in English:

three-mile limit


  • The outer boundary of the area extending 3 miles (4.8 km) out to sea from the coast of a state or country, considered to be within its jurisdiction.

    • ‘While the MoD claims that the turbines interfere with radar, only one other European country, Germany, has a similar prohibition, and that with a much smaller three-mile limit.’
    • ‘The rules for discharging sewage from cruise ships are essentially the same as those for a 30-foot powerboat - beyond the three-mile limit from U.S. shores, untreated sewage can be discharged.’
    • ‘Such sources would be located landward of the outer, three-mile limit of the territorial sea.’
    • ‘To operate legally with an installed head, boaters must either use a Type I marine sanitation device, travel to a marina that has pump-out facilities or go out in the ocean and empty their holding tanks out beyond the three-mile limit.’
    • ‘She would have lain off the three-mile limit when she got to the US coast, and steam drifters would have come out under cover of darkness and taken off the booze.’