Definition of Thracian in US English:



  • Relating to or characteristic of the ancient country of Thrace or its people.

    ‘the patriarchal structure of Thracian society’
    • ‘Through its Thracian heritage, Bulgaria lays claim to being the birthplace of wine-making.’
    • ‘Both towns were founded by Thracian tribes and later settled by the ancient Greeks.’
    • ‘Orpheus, Ares, and Boreas (the god of the destructive north wind) are all considered to be Thracian.’
    • ‘Apollo, having watched all this, rouses a Trojan, who begins to defend the Thracian camp.’
    • ‘At the museum in the old (c.1800) house in Peshtera we were shown two Thracian sarcophagi dating back 5,000 years.’


  • A native or inhabitant of the ancient country of Thrace.

    ‘he was dragged into the circus to fight against a Thracian’
    • ‘The Thracians, who are the first inhabitants of what is today Bulgaria, were known to have had numerous sheep flocks.’
    • ‘In ancient times, the Thracians shaped the granite rock into building blocks at the quarry.’
    • ‘Thracians were an intergral part of the evolution of ancient Mediterranean civilisation (Hellenic and Roman).’
    • ‘Some consider that the leader and military commander Spartacus was a Thracian.’
    • ‘Sofia started as a settlement of ancient Thracians around 1000 BC.’