Definition of thousand-yard stare in English:

thousand-yard stare


  • A vacant or unfocused gaze into the distance, seen as characteristic of a war-weary or traumatized soldier.

    • ‘He'd recognise, too, the look that crosses Moyes's face more and more often, a disarming thousand-yard stare last seen on Colonel Kurtz in Apocalypse Now.’
    • ‘He says he's a maintenance man, but I believe his hobby of amateur taxidermy is linked to his thousand-yard stare and a spate of animal disappearances around the neighbourhood.’
    • ‘The band photos tell the story: three grumpy young guys with lank scruffy hair and thousand-yard stares, all wearing regulation black T-shirts, jeans and leather jackets.’
    • ‘In photography this is known as the thousand-yard stare, when a person has seen more than they can cope with and their mind has consequently shut down.’
    • ‘He is sporting a Unabomber beard and a zonked-out thousand-yard stare.’
    • ‘Think of an edgier Daniel Radcliffe, all messy dark curls and a thousand-yard stare from behind wire-rimmed glasses.’
    • ‘Realizing the implications of what he is doing, he stops abruptly, and a haunted, thousand-yard stare crosses his face.’
    • ‘Under fire, marines acquire the "thousand-yard stare," an ability to see beyond.’
    • ‘We maintained our thousand-yard stares into darkness.’
    • ‘His vacant thousand yard stare said it all.’
    • ‘Motorists under the influence of Kava had a "thousand-yard stare," Feasel said.’
    • ‘On every bench and wall sit silent, hunched figures with thousand-yard stares.’
    • ‘My face looked like one of those "thousand-yard stare" photos from Vietnam.’
    • ‘He was referring to the ashen-faced patrons with the thousand-yard stares who remained pinned to their seats, following a Sunday matinee showing of Synecdoche, New York’
    • ‘Many had that thousand-yard stare I recognize so well in ranch people, a gaze fixed on the horizon, a look that mingles contemplation with meditation and wariness.’
    • ‘But Dakota Fanning does the best blue-eyed thousand-yard stare since Hannibal Lecter.’
    • ‘The end feeling is that this is a guy who has been through the wringer, but he's still alive and he's learned that at the end of any thousand-yard stare there is the potential for the miraculous.’
    • ‘Taylor's pretty gray now and has that thousand yard stare old cowboys get.’
    • ‘Every band member displays disturbing thousand-yard stares.’