Definition of those were the days in US English:

those were the days


  • Used to assert that a particular past time was better than the present.

    • ‘And those were the days when you could still get generous grants for poor families.’
    • ‘Ah, those were the days… when a young, nubile female could hitchhike safely in this country…’
    • ‘Running away from our daily chores and duties, grabbing a sweet treat from the Kitchen before supper, those were the days.’
    • ‘Oh those were the days when I could dance all night.’
    • ‘And when I moved to Paraph and trained under the Wise Masters… oh, those were the days!’
    • ‘Ahhh… those were the days… Wish the kids could've met him.’
    • ‘Oh, those were the days… We'll always have the memories.’
    • ‘Now as a lieutenant colonel, I look back at those times with a gleam In my eye… those were the days!’
    • ‘Oh, but those were the days… ‘The king drifted off, staring into his nostalgic past, muttering.’’
    • ‘Mom and Dad get all nostalgic about Amin Sayani and Radio Ceylon, and how those were the days etc.’
    • ‘The Roaring '20s. Ahhh, those were the days when life was simple and travel was an art.’
    • ‘I start reliving my memories of one-on-one hockey games with David, the laughing, the smiling, the teaching, those were the days.’