Definition of thorough-paced in US English:



  • 1Highly skilled or trained.

    • ‘Wood's character of him is, that he was an exact mathematician, a curious calculator of nativities, a general read scholar, a thorough-paced philologist, and one that understood the surveying of lands well.’
    1. 1.1 Absolute (used to emphasize the degree to which someone or something exemplifies a characteristic).
      • ‘Let no one take these remarks for the raillery of scepticism: the thorough-paced sceptic of modern days is just as much carried away by the spirit of prophecy as the dogmatists whom he scoffs at.’
      • ‘He was by no means as thorough-paced an old sinner as Fitzgerald would have us believe.’
      • ‘A dearth of general information is almost necessary to the thorough-paced coffee-house politician; in the absence of thought, imagination, sentiment, he is attracted immediately to the nearest commonplace.’
      • ‘A thorough-paced antiquary not only remembers what all other people have thought proper to forget, but he also forgets what all other people think is proper to remember.’
      • ‘If they had been thorough-paced worldlings, they would not have sold their possession; and, if they had been thorough-paced Christians, they would not have retained part of the price.’