Definition of Thomistic in US English:



  • See Thomism

    • ‘Still others argue that that there is a radically original Thomistic philosophy which cannot be characterized by anything it shares with earlier thinkers, particularly Aristotle.’
    • ‘In later life he was sensitive to the resemblance between the Thomistic scholasticism in which he was trained and the Marxist scholasticism that he embraced as an adult.’
    • ‘The early English Protestants rejected the Thomistic view that manual labor has a penal aspect, derived from Adam's punishment.’
    • ‘Open theists, following process theists, insist on the difficulties the Thomistic solution poses for human freedom.’
    • ‘I have argued that the evidentialist objection to theistic belief is rooted in classical foundationalism; the same can be said for the Thomistic conception of faith and reason.’