Definition of tho in US English:


(also tho’)

adverb & conjunction

  • as conjunction ‘she loved a novel tho' she could not read hard words’
    nonstandard spelling of though
    • ‘It was a hard one and I'm not sorry its over tho my faith in human nature was restored a little by someone in authority taking a positive step to support me.’
    • ‘She has put on a colossal amount of weight tho; I hope she's doing ok and it's not a bad sign.’
    • ‘Sometimes I wonder tho - what happen to the brain that most people have been given at birth?’
    • ‘It was very good… a bit of a soppy ending tho, which almost let it down.’
    • ‘He's also an expert whistler but that's probably my least favorite aspect of his music, tho it's pretty impressive.’
    • ‘Stay away from the main tourist areas tho, as it gets really busy.’
    • ‘I've got a stupid head cold, tho I can't deny the break from the office was needed.’
    • ‘Even tho it has not happened to me, I have a way of putting myself in other people's positions.’
    • ‘Even tho we sat way at the back it was still very, very cool!’
    • ‘It was fun having an excuse to use my mum's stairlift tho!’
    • ‘Currently feeling tired and missing him even tho it has only been 3 days since I saw him last.’
    • ‘I still have more hoovering to do, tho thought it best to leave it till morning so as not to annoy the neighbours!’
    • ‘I also got pretty smashed tho I could still walk and didn't feel too sick.’
    • ‘I will probably have to wait until Monday for it to arrive tho.’
    • ‘I think they're gonna have a great time living together even tho I'm beginning to question their sanity!’
    • ‘They can't read all of it, tho in their defense I must say they do try.’