Definition of this minute (or this very minute) in US English:

this minute (or this very minute)


  • At once; immediately.

    ‘pull yourself together this minute’
    • ‘As Sara Cox said this morning: ‘JJ72, stop making all that pop music racket upstairs in your bedroom and come down here this minute… your tea's getting cold!’’
    • ‘More photos here and please go here and buy their new EP right this minute.’
    • ‘You come back here right this minute with that ring or I'll give you such a beating!’
    • ‘I'm coming up to check this minute - switch that computer off immediately!’
    • ‘Please address any complaints to the management, and get that damned squirrel out of here right this minute before it chews the sugar and dandelion centrepiece I've been working on since Tuesday!’
    • ‘You had better straighten up right this minute or you'll go to bed without dinner.’
    • ‘I have the Mel Blanc ‘Happy Birthday’ records, though not where I can get to them right this minute.’
    • ‘I'm telling you folks - if that's what running up and down ladders does for your game I'm into Mackey's this minute to order one!’
    • ‘Erin, get back here this minute!’
    • ‘A powerful, bellowing voice says, ‘Get out of the house, this minute.’’
    at once, immediately, directly, this moment, this second, instantly, straight away, right away, right now, without further ado, without more ado, forthwith
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