Definition of this and that (or this, that, and the other) in US English:

this and that (or this, that, and the other)


  • Various unspecified things.

    ‘they stayed up chatting about this and that’
    • ‘In that time we have differed, sometimes vigorously, on this, that, and the other, but Tony never took things personally and I can say with hand on heart that my friendship with him today is stronger than it has ever previously been.’
    • ‘As there was little else to do, she watched the passing scenery, occasionally asking questions about this, that, and the other.’
    • ‘Reading the potted biographies of those who made it to the final rounds, you discover that many have already won this and that, conducted here and there and have at least worthy prospects if not, yet, great expectations.’
    • ‘The day went by rather fast, the group chatted about this, that, and the other.’
    • ‘They have tried to mix the best of east and west, but the result is an indistinguishable mush of this and that.’
    • ‘He does not strongly emphasize the best or best-known artists of the scene, with the result that the survey appears to be loose, a collection of this and that, rather than an effort to isolate value.’
    • ‘It was nice to sit quietly in the company of loved ones, sip coffee, gaze off into the far horizon and think about this and that.’
    • ‘As soon as we get through the door she's at it again, having a go at me for this and that.’
    • ‘We chatted on about this and that while watching the game.’
    • ‘As soon as it came out, one player read my comments in the paper and was saying this and that afterwards.’