Definition of this-worldly in US English:



  • Relating to or concerned with the physical or material world, as opposed to a spiritual one.

    ‘his distrust of this-worldly pleasures’
    • ‘The aesthetics of the novel turns on a this-worldly relation between concrete subjects.’
    • ‘Korean shamanism is very, very materialistic and this-worldly, as Koreans tend to be.’
    • ‘They came to favour Theravda Buddhism, which seemed more pragmatic and this-worldly in comparison.’
    • ‘The scholastic sees abstract art, in the context of a society increasingly despiritualised and this-worldly, as almost an historical inevitability.’
    • ‘He fears that liberal theologies ultimately reduce the kingdom of God to a this-worldly social and political program.’
    • ‘In addition to the articulation of individual material interests, another feature of Korean Christianity, reflecting its this-worldly inclination, pertains to the nation.’
    • ‘It is this-worldly or naturalistic because ultimate authority is located in humanity, not in God or the super-empirical.’
    • ‘This is what makes it astral, otherworldlyas opposed to ethereal, this-worldly travel.’
    • ‘His statement on this topic was so this-worldly and mealy-mouthed that it didn't sound like him at all.’
    • ‘And we should confidently add Du Bois's discussion of the this-worldly social benefits religion provides to the above list.’
    • ‘Fackenheim sees the working-out of this commitment as a this-worldly messianic goal.’
    • ‘All the essays are more or less radically secular or this-worldly.’
    • ‘We know what our human senses tell us, and we usually reason from these senses according to a limited, this-worldly basis.’
    • ‘Korean Protestantism consciously and deliberately assumed the form of a magical religion, accentuating the present and this-worldly rewards.’
    • ‘The practice became instead this-worldly and secular.’
    • ‘And most importantly, Du Bois stressed the ways in which religious institutions can be recognized as social, communal centers which provide this-worldly rewards and comforts.’
    • ‘For Harry, the temptation might be to rest in the glory of this-worldly (or " other-worldly "), victory.’
    • ‘A this-worldly eschatological hope is at stake.’
    • ‘By comparison, the festivals held around the raised-floor storehouses seem to radiate a lighthearted, this-worldly joy.’
    • ‘Indian men must shed their moral self-righteousness and acquire a practical sense, a manipulative, this-worldly cunning and aggressiveness.’