Definition of thirty-second note in US English:

thirty-second note


North American
  • A note having the time value of half a sixteenth note, represented by a large dot with a three-hooked stem.

    Also called demisemiquaver
    • ‘Though marked pianissimo and dolce, Piano I intensifies the accompaniment of the bell effects by passing from quadruplet sixteenth to triplet sixteenth to octuplet thirty-second notes at a mezzopiano level before resuming the melody.’
    • ‘It contains a recurring rhythm of sixteenth, dotted sixteenth and thirty-second notes that is difficult to discern.’
    • ‘This section, as performed in the aria, is not a traditional cadenza, and the thirty-second notes, which are included exactly as noted in the original score, may disorient young flutists who tend to perform this figure as grace notes.’
    • ‘I think the most difficult our rhythm will ever get is having a thirty-second note somewhere in there.’
    • ‘This music was full of accidentals, thirty-second notes, dotted whole, half, quarter, eighth and sixteenth notes, slurs, ties and key changes.’


thirty-second note

/ˈθərdi səˈkɑnd/