Definition of thirst-quenching in US English:



  • Serving to relieve thirst; refreshing.

    • ‘It has a light and refreshing taste which combine a thirst-quenching zesty tang with the delicate taste of green tea.’
    • ‘In fact, dry rose is a bonus summertime drink for red and white wine drinkers: It gives the former something a little more thirst-quenching, the latter a little more fruit.’
    • ‘Beer is always a favourite of mine - not the familiar hearty Guinness that helps provide those extra winter layers, but something a little fresher and more thirst-quenching.’
    • ‘Thorncroft's Detox cordial helped quite a few sore heads and is a pleasant, thirst-quenching squash for summer.’
    • ‘I am readily available for a game of golf and a thirst-quenching beer to follow.’
    • ‘A classic example of a thirst-quenching summer beer is the German beer known as hefeweizen, which literally translates to "yeast wheat beer."’
    • ‘I am not alone in demanding thirst-quenching mixed drinks.’
    • ‘Len described the brew as "a light coloured, full bodied beer with a thirst-quenching full flavour and a hint of heather".’
    • ‘That unique zesty tang is what keeps people coming back to our Big Kahuna vendors for that refreshing and thirst-quenching iced beverage.’
    • ‘They're sensational in summer: you get all the personality of a rose plus the thirst-quenching action of bubbles.’
    • ‘Parked up in the white van, west Cumbrian Nicola Broderick is whipping up 99s as dehydrated drivers pull over for thirst-quenching ices.’
    • ‘It was served in a thick-rimmed earthenware bowl, and sipping from that unusual tumbler was as much a part of the pleasure as the fresh, thirst-quenching drink itself.’
    • ‘The exclusive membership clubs lining Pall Mall and St James's opened their doors to some marchers so they could purchase champagne and other thirst-quenching tipples.’
    • ‘Cool melon, its musky flavour sharpened with lemon, is one of the few fruits that works as a first course and made a thirst-quenching beginning for a summer meal.’
    • ‘The palate presents a light, thirst-quenching drink with a delicate hoppy twist on the finish.’
    • ‘Fresh, seedless and crunchy salad cucumber is whipped with spices including ginger and clove in a mixer to deliver a fiery drink that is highly thirst-quenching.’
    • ‘That evening we just have time to wander among the ruins of its resplendent twelfth century Priory before paying homage to St Cuthbert, in our own way: with a couple of pints of thirst-quenching local ale.’
    • ‘Around the world, particularly in New Zealand, growers have shown that they too can produce the snappy, high-acid, thirst-quenching whites which Sancerre epitomises.’
    • ‘The glasses had been well chilled making the beers truly thirst-quenching on the warm day that Wednesday was.’
    • ‘The heat was unbelievable so a thirst-quenching cocktail was a welcome sight at the hotel.’
    invigorating, revitalizing, reviving, restoring, bracing, fortifying, enlivening, stimulating, freshening, energizing, exhilarating, reanimating, revivifying, rejuvenating
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