Definition of thirst-making in US English:


(also thirst-provoking)


  • (of an activity, food, etc.) causing thirst.

    • ‘The match was very thirst making but it was good for us to practise.’
    • ‘Salt also is 'flavor-giving', 'flavor-enhancing', vital for life, thirst-making and a great preservative.’
    • ‘We stopped by here on the way back from a very thirst-making walk by Ullswater.’
    • ‘Their days had been spent either in dry, dusty, flea-bitten and scorpion-ridden boredom, or in equally dusty and much more thirst-making hard labour.’
    • ‘The Hydration Pack is perfect for thirst-making outdoor sports.’
    • ‘Shopping in a market can be a very thirst-provoking occasion.’
    thirst-provoking, thirsty, hot, strenuous, arduous, heavy, tiring, exhausting
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