Definition of third reading in US English:

third reading


  • A third presentation of a bill to a legislative assembly, in the US to consider it for the last time, and in the UK to debate committee reports.

    • ‘The Bill will now go to the report stage and a third reading before it becomes law.’
    • ‘It is also not certain, even at this point, that the Civil Union Bill will pass the third reading.’
    • ‘I am absolutely delighted to take part in this debate on the third reading of the transport bills.’
    • ‘Considering the cuts far too insignificant, leaders of opposition caucuses planned to make further cuts during the forthcoming second and third readings of the budget bill.’
    • ‘Defeat on a vote on the Budget, on the second or third readings of government bills, or on the address in reply to the Queen's Speech have usually been regarded as votes of no confidence, because they are central to a government's programme.’
    • ‘This bill will go through its third reading after the Committee is finished with it.’
    • ‘We are at the stage of the parliamentary process known as the third reading of this bill.’
    • ‘If the proposal passes its second and third readings in the legislature and becomes law, it would be the first tax hike in nearly five decades.’
    • ‘We will discuss it in caucus in the final analysis and decide whether we will support the bill in the third reading.’
    • ‘Then it has to come back to the House for its second reading, its Committee stage, and its third reading.’
    • ‘I commend the bills' third readings to the House, and in so doing I will make three or four quick observations.’
    • ‘Labour must have known this legislation was bad, and that is why the first, second, and third readings of this bill have all taken place as the very last item of business in the House.’
    • ‘He made the comments on 18 December 2001, the day on which both the second and third readings of that bill took place.’
    • ‘We still have the second reading, the Committee stage, and the third reading to come.’
    • ‘The Fireworks Bill was given its third reading in the Lords without debate.’
    • ‘I rise with some reluctance to speak on the third reading of this bill.’
    • ‘She spoke very strongly at the committee and made her point just now in the debate on the third reading.’
    • ‘I know that she agrees with me on that; she is not going to vote for this bill at the third reading.’
    • ‘It is with great pleasure that we support the third reading of this bill.’
    • ‘I am very pleased to speak in favour of the third reading of this bill.’


third reading