Definition of third force in US English:

third force


  • A political group or party acting as a check on conflict between two extreme or opposing groups.

    ‘the Liberal Democrats as the third force in British politics’
    • ‘Britain's third party has learnt to fight dirty in its desire to become a genuine third force in British politics.’
    • ‘So if he were to leave the Republicans and try to head up some sort of third force in American politics, or try to run for president on that basis, what exactly would his politics be?’
    • ‘The third force was the Mensheviks, who were a much more authentically left wing group based among workers.’
    • ‘The Greens have therefore grown into the only serious third force in Australian politics.’
    • ‘A third force on the left emerged at these elections.’
    • ‘Amid the clatter of swords and the tumbling of middle-aged men in frock coats and tights what, you may ask, was the rising third force in British politics up to?’
    • ‘For Charles Kennedy, heading the third force of the Liberal Democrats, the election offered a chance to emerge from the shadow of his party's long-time leader Paddy Ashdown.’
    • ‘Now a catch-all regional party, it has become a third force in the country's east, shaping a political landscape there that is wholly distinct from that in the west.’
    • ‘The Ukrainian communists are marginalized but still form a third force.’
    • ‘There's still something for us to prove, we have to show that we're still the third force.’
    • ‘Although at first Parkes was able to accommodate the appearance in NSW in 1891 of the Labor Party as a third force offering support in return for concessions, he failed to retain their backing.’
    • ‘The Nationals have the resources and the base to become a third force, at least in some states, but it's not clear if they have the flexibility of mind.’
    • ‘They are clearly the third force in Australian parliamentary politics.’
    • ‘If you are satisfied with us, then vote for the BJP; if not, support the Congress; but remember there is no third force in the state.’
    • ‘Are the Greens the new third force in Australian politics?’
    • ‘This potentially introduces a third force into the operation of the senate.’
    • ‘They saw it as a chance to create a third force between capitalism and Communism.’
    • ‘The Greens are the third force in Australian politics now, they have replaced, supplanted the Democrats.’
    • ‘It is the first biography of the man who saved the Liberal Pary when it was at its lowest point and restored it as the independent third force in British politics.’
    • ‘Remaining aloof from the organizational and ideological struggles within the Green Party movement, his organization constitutes a third force in green politics.’