Definition of third country in English:

third country


  • A Third World country.

    • ‘This means that the EU's trade in agricultural products with third countries is regulated by a series of customs and import restrictions and export subsidies.’
    • ‘According to conservative figures more than 40 million people are trapped in refugee camps in third countries, facing political persecution at home or barred entry to better off nations.’
    • ‘And Turkey can be a major export base to third countries in Central Asia and elsewhere.’
    • ‘There has been discussion for some time about a list of ‘safe third countries.’’
    • ‘Another 50,000 slipped into Cuba illegally from third countries.’
    • ‘The group also brings in third countries to talk about their experiences in becoming democracies.’
    • ‘The abolition of border controls within the EU meant that national trade regimes with third countries in products such as cars, bananas, and textiles had to be replaced by EU trade agreements.’
    • ‘The charity expressed disappointment no agreement has been reached on the issue of compulsory licensing in third countries.’
    • ‘Similarly, as the Union's budget has increased, particularly for overseas expenditure, so, too, has the interest of international NGOs and third countries.’
    • ‘And if we allow for products from third countries to be used, then we're not just losing the apparel workers, we're also losing the textile workers.’
    • ‘He believed that, if the Dutch fished in the waters off west Africa, courtesy of EU agreements with third countries, then Ireland and his Donegal company should be entitled to fish there as well.’