Definition of third-person shooter in US English:

third-person shooter


  • A type of video game whose gameplay involves shooting enemies and other targets and in which a player views the action as if from a position behind the character they are controlling.

    ‘a free-to-play, action-packed third-person shooter’
    • ‘Action-heavy horror games dominate the market these days, with first- and third-person shooters taking top spots in both sales and critical acclaim.’
    • ‘Sony has announced today that the upcoming alternate history third-person shooter has been delayed until 2015.’
    • ‘You'd think a third-person shooter would be difficult to manage on an iPad-sized screen.’
    • ‘Players take control of a human soldier in a fairly traditional third-person shooter system.’
    • ‘The hybrid third-person shooter control style really turned out great; it's a lot smoother than I expected!’
    • ‘We think that the key advantages of the third-person shooter game is that the main character and the relationship he has with his team and environment are rendered in a more expressive, visual way.’
    • ‘It often feels more like a standard third-person shooter where the sniper rifle just happens to be the best weapon, rather than a sniping game in itself.’
    • ‘Once again, it's a third-person shooter in which you play middle-aged, burned-out criminals.’
    • ‘The game is part third-person shooter and part basic run and jump linear puzzle solving.’
    • ‘The idea of a third-person shooter that's mostly devoted to pursuing other people through mazelike ghost towns is oddly appealing.’