Definition of thinker in US English:



  • 1A person who thinks deeply and seriously.

    • ‘He is the only one in the village who comes close to matching Papa's intellect - he is a thinker.’
    • ‘His brilliant blue eyes always twinkled brightly, he was smart and a quick thinker.’
    • ‘Patient, cogent and an exquisite thinker, Oz is a rare blast of sanity and intelligence.’
    • ‘Find other clear-headed thinkers like yourself and pay attention exclusively to their work.’
    • ‘However the issues she raises are the issues of a serious and mature thinker and so deserve to be treated in a mature way.’
    • ‘Deep down, they are serious thinkers and are students of life and all of its mysteries.’
    • ‘On the other hand, if a modern thinker wishes to have a more open mind, then why not be a student of more than one subject?’
    • ‘There are some creative, independent thinkers in the military.’
    • ‘It's a game for thinkers and there's a lot of strategy involved.’
    • ‘The people who are in charge are second rate thinkers who rose to the top because the pool was so small to begin with.’
    • ‘He was indeed a superb human being; a very simple man, a thinker and an expert organiser.’
    • ‘Debbie's mother described her daughter as intelligent and a deep thinker as her father was.’
    • ‘He's an exceptional combination of a precise thinker and an imaginative thinker.’
    • ‘There have been signs too that Sampras, always more of a doer than a thinker, has been contemplating life after tennis.’
    • ‘He became a deeply spiritual person who was also a profound thinker and a talented writer.’
    • ‘My father was an engineer and a brilliant thinker with a fine mind.’
    • ‘People interested in world events tend to be opinionated, independent thinkers.’
    • ‘Although he has not got much speed, he is an intelligent thinker and he knows what he is doing.’
    • ‘They give a hint of an avid reader and serious thinker with hidden, some say darker, depths.’
    • ‘She is an ingenious poet, a brilliant performer, a funny person, and serious thinker.’
    1. 1.1 A person with highly developed intellectual powers, especially one whose profession involves intellectual activity.
      ‘a leading scientific thinker’
      • ‘Not many leading business thinkers have embraced new technology with your enthusiasm.’
      • ‘He is also emerging as one of the leading neo-conservative thinkers in Washington.’
      • ‘In this way Voltaire paid tribute to the moral and philosophical overtones of the Enlightenment thinkers.’
      • ‘She prefers the company of thinkers, philosophers, artists, and that sort.’
      • ‘He was an Egyptian literary critic, novelist, and poet who became an important Islamist thinker and activist.’
      • ‘For thousands of years religious dogma and tribal superstitions kept scientific thinkers in a locked box.’
      • ‘He took to writing and his pamphlets established him as both a leading political thinker and a satirist.’
      • ‘Scientists and thinkers have struggled with the controversy and its implications for humanity for decades.’
      • ‘He is known as one of the leading thinkers in nanotechnology.’
      • ‘This essay is indebted to the postmodern thinkers who have developed these theories.’
      • ‘Often, alchemists were among the leading scientific and religious thinkers of their time.’
      • ‘Science is not a gradual, linear progression as many of the key scientific thinkers would have you believe.’
      • ‘There flashed upon the minds of some thinkers the idea that here, in economics, was to be found the key to a real science of man.’
      • ‘Huxley founded a remarkable dynasty of English scientists and thinkers.’
      • ‘Early Christian thinkers developed the claim that in worshipping idols one worships the demonic.’
      • ‘He worked to open mathematics education to everyone and never lost the intellectual requirements of a great scientific thinker.’
      • ‘There were no more great original thinkers, but a variety of philosophical schools flourished and interacted.’
      • ‘By 1909 Einstein was recognised as a leading scientific thinker and in that year he resigned from the patent office.’
      • ‘It was an exciting project, because Bakunin was an activist and thinker whose ideas are worth looking at today.’
      • ‘Philosophers and thinkers have always been wondering and arguing about the nature of man.’
      theorist, theoretician, ideologist, philosopher, scholar, savant, sage, intellectual, intellect, mind, learned person, solomon, nestor
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