Definition of think for oneself in US English:

think for oneself


  • Have an independent mind or attitude.

    • ‘The central core of punk is all about being an individual and thinking for yourself.’
    • ‘Some people just cannot understand the whole concept of thinking for yourself.’
    • ‘Fortunately for me I'm lucky to have a child who thinks for himself, who is open to the idea that we don't have to follow the nearest crowd.’
    • ‘This relieves the candidate of having to think for himself - and also reduces the political risk that an independent or contrary position entails.’
    • ‘Help is fine when needed but we do not want these young minds not to think for themselves.’
    • ‘Like the best of teachers, Sontag stirs the imagination, ultimately encouraging readers to engage their minds and think for themselves.’
    • ‘In short, we must train students to think for themselves.’
    • ‘People who talk about education have forever been mouthing aphorisms about teaching students to think for themselves.’
    • ‘My pedagogical aim is to encourage students to think for themselves, to awaken their consciences.’
    • ‘It's the paradox of pedagogy: how to teach students to think for themselves.’