Definition of thin section in US English:

thin section


  • A thin, flat piece of material prepared for examination with a microscope, in particular a piece of rock about 0.03 millimeters thick, or, for electron microscopy, a piece of tissue about 30 nanometers thick.

    • ‘Petrographical studies were conducted by examining thin sections in transmitted and reflected light to identify magnetic mineralogy and diagenetic phases.’
    • ‘For electron microscopy, thin sections of the same material were stained with uranyl acetate and lead citrate.’
    • ‘Smaller squares show the areas of mesophyll tissue in the thin sections, and black ovals show the area from which photographs were taken using a transmission electron microscope.’
    • ‘At the time, a revolutionary new method for studying rocks - the examination of thin sections under a polarizing microscope - had just been introduced in Europe.’
    • ‘In total, 772 transverse thin sections and 50 longitudinal thin sections were prepared.’


[with object]
  • Prepare (something) for examination with a microscope.

    ‘the rock can be examined in detail by thin-sectioning it’
    • ‘For anatomical analysis, radial strips on opposing axes were cut from pith to bark, and every fourth ring was removed and thin-sectioned using an AO model 860 sliding microtome.’
    • ‘Although some samples have been thin-sectioned and described, the fauna from this formation awaits a more detailed description.’
    • ‘Unacetolysed pollen of Copaifera baumiana Harms from spirit material was embedded in Epon - Araldite resin following the method of Skvarla and thin-sectioned using a diamond knife.’
    • ‘I, therefore, obtained some samples and had the best one thin-sectioned so that the nature of the replacement could be observed.’
    • ‘There he can look at them with a hand-lens; he can thin-section them; he can examine them under a microscope.’