Definition of thigmotropic in US English:



  • See thigmotropism

    • ‘Later experiments proved that the thigmotropic response is possibly the strongest tropic response in plants.’
    • ‘Clematis petioles are positively thigmotropic and its fun to make your own observations of this phenomenon.’
    • ‘In the absence of this force, the root pattern will depend only on the circumnutating movement, since the negative thigmotropic reaction, dependent on gravitropism, will also be excluded.’
    • ‘If the shoot rubs against a support with the right shape, the rubbing induces a thigmotropic response (tropism induced by touch) and the shoot begins to curl around the support.’
    • ‘Most mushrooms have some kind of negative thigmotropic response, so that if a mushroom encounters an object as it is growing, responses such as stipe bending, bifurcation, or change in the pattern of pileus growth will cause the mushroom to grow out of the way of the object.’