Definition of thigmotactic in US English:



  • See thigmotaxis

    • ‘Thrips adults and larvae are thigmotactic, preferring to hide in complex plant parts, flower buds and other folded tissue where they are difficult to detect and to reach with insecticides.’
    • ‘The entire structure of the dorsal polar band was called the ‘comb’ by Kahl and interpreted as a set of thigmotactic cilia.’
    • ‘The thigmotactic behavior observed in the preliminary studies confirms the high priority of defensive behaviors.’
    • ‘Note that most anterior cirral pairs develop in one anlage with a row of thigmotactic cirri on the left side; and about ten posteriormost pairs develop in one anlage each with one transverse cirrus.’
    • ‘These results suggest that the bug's thigmotactic response might be a key factor explaining the observed preferences for leather.’