Definition of thigh bone in US English:

thigh bone


  • The femur.

    • ‘With Sasha's ACL torn, her thigh bone and shin bone were slipping back and forth, literally wobbling as she walked.’
    • ‘The ACL is a short band of ropy connective tissue that extends from the back of the thigh bone to the front of the shin bone (tibia).’
    • ‘Currently more than one in two Australian women aged over 60 will sustain a hip fracture due to osteoporosis, with the upper thigh bone being one of the most common sites for hip fractures.’
    • ‘The femoral artery lies in front of the hip joint and descends along the medial surface of the thigh bone.’
    • ‘Firefighters said the car then snapped a young tree before stopping near a fuel tank, leaving the passenger with broken thigh bone, pelvis and ankles.’
    • ‘Her mobility is hampered after she broke a thigh bone while exercising in the gym at Durham jail and it failed to heal properly, sometimes forcing her to rely on a walking stick.’
    • ‘His pelvis was shattered and his thigh bone split in two.’
    • ‘An x-ray, taken at a vet's surgery, showed that a pellet fired from a high-powered rifle had shattered her thigh bone.’
    • ‘So why is it that an ordinary thigh bone (for all practical purposes, and in the absence of diseases such as osteoporosis) will never wear out like a metal structure?’
    • ‘The hip is a ball-and-socket joint where the thigh bone's femoral head fits into the acetabulum of the pelvis.’
    • ‘Being an evolutionist, he naturally interprets this smaller piece of bone as a throw-back to the femur, or thigh bone, of the whale's evolutionary ancestor.’
    • ‘Inside the burnt-out walls he observed that there still remained a 15 to 20 centimetre thick layer of ash, bits of timber, broken plates and cups along with the bleached thigh bone of a burnt corpse.’
    • ‘One man in his 20s suffered a head injury and another man, believed to be in his late 30s, broke his left thigh bone.’
    • ‘He had a tumour removed from his colon in 1992, dislocated his shoulder in 1993, broke his thigh bone in 1994 and had his appendix removed in 1996.’
    • ‘The cause of the pain is thought to be incorrect tracking of the patella within the groove on the thigh bone.’
    • ‘Instead of removing the head of the thigh bone and replacing it with an artificial ball, the diseased or damaged surfaces of the hip joint are replaced with metal surfaces.’
    • ‘She also has arthritis and, in November, 2002, broke her thigh bone.’
    • ‘One fossil includes the intact head of the left thigh bone - the ball that is inserted into the hip socket joint.’
    • ‘Close to the thigh bone, archaeologists found a group of butchered Mesolithic animal bones, including aurochs, roe deer and otter.’
    • ‘Your knee joint is made up of the ends of the thigh bone and shin bone, which normally glide over each other smoothly because they are covered by smooth articular cartilage.’


thigh bone

/ˈθaɪ ˌboʊn//ˈTHī ˌbōn/