Definition of thigh-high in US English:


adverb & adjective

  • Reaching as high as a person's thigh.

    as adjective ‘black thigh-high boots’
    as adverb ‘skirts are sexily split thigh-high’
    • ‘I had on a black pinstripe mini and thigh-high stockings with lace at the top.’
    • ‘I'd been wearing my spike-heeled thigh-high boots for over two hours straight already, I told him, and so my feet were quite ready for some sensual attention.’
    • ‘But while Sam is great, and I wish her continued success, there's no way I was going to put on a rubber dress and thigh-high boots to come to the store opening party.’
    • ‘Snug reefer jackets with raised collars were paired with thigh-high black leather boots.’
    • ‘It's easy to overlook certain things about someone, when they're first introduced to you wearing a tube top and thigh-high boots.’
    • ‘When one thinks of a cheerleader, the image of a blonde sporting a thigh-high skirt is often what comes to mind.’
    • ‘The cream-colored unitards extended to cover the hands, giving the dancers unnaturally long arms, and the thigh-high black leg warmers gave them short legs.’
    • ‘And while she was statuesque, her body was fully in proportion, slim and shapely, moulded by a black tee shirt, matching shorts, and thigh-high leather boots.’
    • ‘When he emerged from Minneapolis in the late 1970s wearing thigh-high boots and bikini underwear, he seemed like a period curio: a creature sprung from disco-era clubland who played choppy funk on New Wave keyboards.’
    • ‘Thankfully, she still dresses like a twenty-something new wave chick: miniskirt, thigh-high boots, glittery fishnet tights and artfully-ripped T-shirt.’
    • ‘Few frocks hitting the rails right now are boasting thigh-high hemlines.’
    • ‘Her attire was crimson with only trimmings of the traditional black, and consisted of a skintight corset top, full-length skirt slit so high that it was practically cleaved in half, and skintight thigh-high boots.’
    • ‘Amber's vest with Kitty's leather miniskirt was a nice look with my black hair and pale skin, and to top it off I borrowed Chase's thigh-high boots.’
    • ‘I would wear hairpieces to school, and for Christmas I wore my Santa elf costume with thigh-high red boots.’
    • ‘I wore a multi-layered black and crimson dress that reached to just above my knees, black leather thigh-high boots with a multitude of zippers and buckles, and a pair of small black angel wings with tattered feathers that I'd torn myself.’
    • ‘She wore a dark grey sweater and a black knee-length skirt, complemented by black thigh-high socks and a pair of black dress boots.’
    • ‘Every time we go into town together, Victoria and Chase have a huge argument about Chase's thigh-high boots.’
    • ‘Jillian also loves this amazing mini-jumper, and thigh-high socks give her a leggy look.’
    • ‘He or she then places sequential compression stockings over thigh-high elastic stockings on the patient's legs.’
    • ‘Her outfit was daring, for this early in the Sixties: short white tasseled go-go boots, polka-dot stretch knit hose, a thigh-high white vinyl skirt, and a deep purple poor-boy sweater.’