Definition of thick-knee in US English:



  • A large-eyed bird resembling a plover with mottled brownish plumage, inhabiting open stony or sandy country.

    Family Burhinidae: two genera and several species, in particular Burhinus oedicnemus of Eurasia and Africa

    Also called stone curlew
    • ‘The beach thick-knee is gray-brown on the back and pale on the belly.’
    • ‘Cape thick-knees mate for life and are protective parents, nesting in a shallow scrape next to a small landmark.’
    • ‘Stone curlews - now called thick-knees - glare at you in basilisk manner, spurt stiffly a few yards and then glare at you again, surprised that you're still there.’
    • ‘Shore bird numbers are declining, he says, particularly among oystercatchers, red-capped dotterels and beach thick-knees.’
    • ‘Ironically, the Spotted Dikkop has proven to be the only thick-knee I've not seen in the world.’