Definition of thiazide in US English:



  • Any of a class of sulfur-containing drugs that increase the excretion of sodium and chloride and are used as diuretics and as a method of lowering the blood pressure.

    as modifier ‘thiazide diuretics’
    • ‘A diuretic drug such as thiazide, and a very low salt diet, can help to reduce the amount of urine being made by up to half.’
    • ‘Initial combination therapy should consist of a thiazide diuretic (in most cases) in combination with an ACE inhibitor or beta blocker.’
    • ‘Combinations of several drugs will be required for most patients, and such an antihypertensive treatment cocktail should include a thiazide diuretic.’
    • ‘If you have diabetes and high blood pressure, taking a thiazide diuretic plus an ACE inhibitor can decrease your risk of heart attack and stroke.’
    • ‘Diuretic drugs such as furosemide or the thiazides should not be used because they deplete sodium from the body.’


1950s: from elements of thio- + azine + oxide.