Definition of they've in US English:



  • They have.

    ‘they've been working hard’
    • ‘He wants what's best for them and if they want to do well, that's who they've got to listen to.’
    • ‘So there's a lot of stock they've sent here which I'm just going to be throwing away.’
    • ‘But then they've got less to compare him with, and have had no time to get sick of him.’
    • ‘What I do know is that naming these people before they've been charged is a very bad idea.’
    • ‘Well fear not and control your excitement because they've started their own blog.’
    • ‘I know that it's occurred to Matt and Nick because they've both talked about it with me.’
    • ‘Now all I have to do is wait to see whether they've managed to get the authorisation codes right.’
    • ‘Sea eagles hang out in the arctic north of Norway because they've been pushed back there by us.’
    • ‘They're a contrary lot, and they've been known to cause a few upsets in the past.’
    • ‘The elder one has a partner and they've been living together for about nine years.’
    • ‘They reckon it is a licence to print money and let's face it they've got lots of experience in this field.’
    • ‘In any case, they've had a clean-up of natural debris and the sand is white and clean.’
    • ‘They want the club to progress and everyone feels they've got the potential to progress.’
    • ‘Oh well, they've been dancing for longer than me so I guess I have some time to catch up!’
    • ‘What they've got now is around 500,000 people coming two or three or four times a year.’
    • ‘We sit side by side at the bar counter of an old fishermen's shack where they've been filming.’
    • ‘In that case, why were they continuing to ask for lots of money to do the research they've already done?’
    • ‘I expect that in a few more days we'll find out they've both joined a cult or something.’
    • ‘How on earth can people afford to buy stuff in the January sales when they've just had Christmas?’
    • ‘No one knows when they died or who they are because they've been completely forgotten.’