Definition of these days in US English:

these days


  • At present.

    ‘he is drinking far too much these days’
    • ‘This just sums up everything about the state of the royal family these days, I think.’
    • ‘It's just a pity there doesn't really seem to be any proper youth culture these days.’
    • ‘His name is much in the news and on the op-ed pages these days, if you're looking out for it.’
    • ‘Just because we have a few women in power it does not mean women have it made these days.’
    • ‘Cuts used to be an infrequent occurrence but these days we seem to have them regularly in our area.’
    • ‘He laughs at his own contradictions, a lot more comfortable in his own skin these days.’
    • ‘Choice, in fact, is what is missing from too much of the professional game these days.’
    • ‘We hear a lot about how much it costs a student to get a university degree in the UK these days.’
    • ‘Most people these days appear to have no idea about how you are supposed to behave in a public space.’
    • ‘His legs may be a bit weary these days, but his presence is everything to his young charges.’
    • ‘The world seems such a small place these days, but he instantly made it feel much bigger.’
    • ‘Trouble is, most families I know these days are nearly always in a state of war anyway.’
    • ‘In spite of my love of almost all flowers I don't often buy from the florist these days.’
    • ‘I was then flabbergasted by the cost of wool these days, and how few shops stock it.’
    • ‘So often these days I find myself watching and thinking things will never be the same.’
    • ‘His city has a sense of embattlement these days, reminiscent of London in the blitz.’
    • ‘We all work long hours these days, but many men try to make up for it when they get home.’
    • ‘Have you noticed the fashion these days for people to get a tattoo on various parts of their body?’
    • ‘You can't pick up a newspaper these days without thinking that the world has gone mad.’
    • ‘Wander into any large bookshop these days and you will find a rack devoted to Internet poker.’