Definition of thermoregulate in US English:



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  • Regulate temperature, especially one's own body temperature.

    ‘edentates have less ability to thermoregulate than other warm-blooded vertebrates’
    • ‘Their body temperatures fluctuate from as low as 24 degrees C to as high as 33 degrees C. Unlike three-toed sloths, however, they do not thermoregulate by basking.’
    • ‘In the analysis, dinosaurs were assumed to thermoregulate behaviourally by moving between sun and shade.’
    • ‘At hatching, chicks are covered in down, cannot feed or defend themselves, are unable to thermoregulate well, and are nest-bound.’
    • ‘Thus, a short migratory flight on a cold night may be less costly than remaining and thermoregulating at that location.’
    • ‘Heat exhaustion can be associated with water or sodium depletion, which can compromise the patient's ability to thermoregulate by sweating.’
    • ‘However, brooding activity was likely finished when nestlings were 10 days old, as chicks are able to thermoregulate at this stage.’
    • ‘Ground shading, and more specifically, heterogeneity in ground shading allows an animal to behaviourally thermoregulate by shuttling between warmer and cooler microenvironments.’
    • ‘When they first hatch, young hummingbirds have few feathers and cannot thermoregulate.’
    • ‘Statistical analysis of the relationship between body temperature and ambient temperature confirmed that the cicadas are thermoregulating endothermically.’
    • ‘In 1983 and 1984, the ability of whole broods to thermoregulate was tested as a function of brood size, nest environment, and brood age.’
    • ‘Once the eggs hatch, both sexes deliver food to the nestlings, though the female will also spend much of her time in the nest cavity, especially when fledglings are young and unable to thermoregulate effectively.’
    • ‘Prescription medications such as diuretics and antihypertensives, as well as illicit drugs, can decrease the body's ability to thermoregulate.’