Definition of thermophotovoltaic in US English:


(also TPV)


  • Denoting or relating to the capacity to convert infrared radiation (i.e. radiant heat) into electricity.

    • ‘Using this new emitter, the company predicts that the output of its thermophotovoltaic generator can still be substantially improved.’
    • ‘Highly efficient conversion of heat power into electricity can be realized in a thermophotovoltaic system.’
    • ‘The use of a radiant burner of this type in a thermophotovoltaic generator currently causes problems in that the hot combustion gases flow to the photocell.’
    • ‘Significant gains can also be expected in the case of thermophotovoltaic cells.’
    • ‘Using a finer version of the tungsten mesh with thermophotovoltaic devices might improve their performance.’
    • ‘They were developing electric generators powered by radiant heat, as from a furnace, falling onto thermophotovoltaic cells.’
    • ‘They were funded to develop a solar-driven thermophotovoltaic electrical system that would not degrade from radiation exposure for space power applications.’