Definition of thermogenesis in US English:



  • The production of heat, especially in a human or animal body.

    • ‘However, caffeine can increase thermogenesis and energy expenditure, so the impact of coffee and other caffeine-containing drinks is unclear.’
    • ‘The drug produces weight loss by its anorectic effect and, possibly, by stimulating thermogenesis.’
    • ‘In fact, dietary calcium can also enhance thermogenesis, allowing your cells to burn more energy, helping you burn fat and lose weight.’
    • ‘Dietary thermogenesis refers to how many calories you expend eating and digesting food.’
    • ‘Boosting thermogenesis can be an excellent way to burn body fat, especially if it's combined with reduced total caloric intake and increased aerobic activity.’
    • ‘More specifically, fish oils have been shown to increase thermogenesis, decrease body fat deposition, and improve glucose clearance.’
    • ‘Prostaglandins also help build muscle mass and promote thermogenesis (fat-burning).’
    • ‘Two to three cups of milk or yogurt or three to five ounces of cheese per day provide sufficient well-absorbed calcium to support thermogenesis.’
    • ‘Frequent eating promotes thermogenesis (especially when protein intakes are high), keeps stomach size small and has variable but positive effects on appetite.’
    • ‘At the concentration found in supplements, the polyphenol can increase fat oxidation and thermogenesis (the generation of body heat), which burns calories.’
    • ‘Bodybuilders understand the concept of thermogenesis - where food, especially carbs, can be burned off (as a by-product of metabolism) rather than deposited as body fat.’
    • ‘Ephedrine and caffeine help enhance diet-induced thermogenesis.’
    • ‘Every time you eat, your metabolism increases via thermogenesis (just trust us on this one).’
    • ‘Adaptive thermogenesis is the fancy name for daily activities such as fidgeting during a boring meeting, using the bathroom, and walking to your car.’
    • ‘In one study, green tea increased fat oxidation and thermogenesis in 10 patients, but the study was not designed to assess weight loss.’
    • ‘During a state of increased thermogenesis, your body will burn more calories.’
    • ‘Information on this new thermogenic formula is limited, but sources from the company's highly regarded research department have stated that it's going to change the way serious bodybuilders go about increasing thermogenesis.’
    • ‘Hot mustard can spur thermogenesis (the burning of calories), speed up metabolism by as much as 25% and can burn up to 10% of calories consumed.’
    • ‘It speculated on the evolutionary origins of such thermogenesis and observed how it predominates in ancient lineages of flowering plants like magnolias and water lilies.’
    • ‘Increasing thermogenesis (the body's natural fat-burning process) is the fastest way to burn fat.’
    • ‘Both are structurally akin to the natural adrenaline a body produces for a variety of functions, including thermogenesis.’
    • ‘Tyrosine in combination with any one of those would probably act synergistically to increase thermogenesis.’