Definition of thermoforming in US English:



  • The process of heating a thermoplastic material and shaping it in a mold.

    • ‘The thermoforming process is highly automated.’
    • ‘While thermoforming shapes a package to conform to the device it holds, flow wrapping achieves its shape by wrapping a single layer of film around the product and then sealing it.’
    • ‘A thermoforming machine can cost from $200,000 to $500,000.’
    • ‘The advent of exciting technologies like pellet injection molding and thermoforming created thousands of jobs and cemented Holloway's reputation as the Thermoforming Capital of the Tri-State area.’
    • ‘Film is converted into preformed shells by vacuum thermoforming.’
    • ‘To produce large medical devices, a thermoforming company invested in a four-station rotary thermoformer, capable of molding enclosures from one continuous sheet of plastic.’
    • ‘Because it is a thermoplastic composite, sheets of the material can readily be converted into components by thermoforming, punching, and machining.’
    • ‘Last year, for example, the company introduced a new thermoforming system.’
    • ‘Which means that there are processing steps including thermoforming, reinforced fiber pre-forming, and liquid molding.’
    • ‘Once the blank is finished it is moved to a press where it undergoes a traditional thermoforming process.’
    • ‘The state-of-the-art thermoforming equipment allows them to produce complex designs to precise specifications in a broad range of materials.’
    • ‘The new resources will be used to develop and test new plastics, evaluate applications and processes, provide technical support, and research new methods of injection molding, coextrusion, and thermoforming.’
    • ‘By merging the strengths of traditional thermoforming and blow molding, they offer a new forming technology.’
    • ‘It may be shaped without the use of thermoforming equipment and can be used in both dry-mounting and pressure-sensitive mounting applications.’
    • ‘The program is focusing on a thermoforming process using glass-fiber-reinforced polyamide, PBT (polybutylene terephthalate) and polystyrene resins in order to reduce production cycle times.’
    • ‘Instead, he says, manufacturers are looking to lower-cost processes, including thermoforming or pressure forming, to consolidate parts and cut costs.’
    • ‘About the functioning of the machine, he said the thermoforming machine would print pictures, graphs, maps etc. in Braille.’