Definition of thermochemistry in US English:



  • The branch of chemistry concerned with the quantities of heat evolved or absorbed during chemical reactions.

    • ‘This facilitated the steady advances being made in the field of thermodynamics and in thermochemistry, which is the application of thermodynamics to chemical processes.’
    • ‘The lecture begins with an introduction to thermochemistry, the study of heat flow to or from a chemical reaction.’
    • ‘Therefore, the present work attempts to extend the existing research on the solid-state thermochemistry of burning wood to include polymers.’
    • ‘The basic laws of thermochemistry can be expressed in terms of the change in enthalpy.’
    • ‘Links are given to rules of thermochemistry and explanations of endothermic and exothermic reactions.’
    • ‘This line of research was later developed by the Swiss-Russian chemist Henri Hess in the 1830s. Hess's development and extension of the work of Lavoisier and Laplace has earned him the title of father of thermochemistry.’
    • ‘All of the laws of thermochemistry follow from the fact that the enthalpy H of a substance is one of its properties.’