Definition of thermalize in US English:


(British thermalise)


  • Attain or cause to attain thermal equilibrium with the environment.

    with object ‘epithermal neutrons are thermalized at depths where tumors tend to grow’
    • ‘Radiation can only be so uniform if the photons have been mixed around a lot, or thermalized, through particle collisions.’
    • ‘If the cosmic microwave background is at such a uniform temperature, it should mean that the photons have been thermalized through repeated particle collisions.’
    • ‘Radiolysis of the solvent produces thermalized electrons that can reach the reducible sites of the protein even at low temperature.’
    • ‘Arp finds little or no evidence for the existence of the ‘dark matter’ which is supposed to dominate the mass content of the universe. He views the cosmic background radiation as thermalised galaxy light.’
    • ‘Once the electrons have thermalized, the ions are initially frozen in place because of their relatively large mass and low temperature.’