Definition of thermal noise in US English:

thermal noise


  • Electrical fluctuations arising from the random thermal motion of electrons.

    • ‘There are plans to build a 3-kilometer detector later, which might use mirrors cooled to near absolute zero to reduce thermal noise to a whisper.’
    • ‘To obtain further evidence for if and when molecular crowding can cause the emergence of subdiffusion, we used computer simulations of spherical soft-core molecules subject to thermal noise and excluded volume effects.’
    • ‘The process started with choosing a material that helps reduce one of the major sources of interference in an interferometer: thermal noise.’
    • ‘This is entirely positive, as it corrects errors in general, not just those caused by thermal noise.’
    • ‘Early on he recognized that thermal noise - the incessant jostling of a bar's very atoms - would produce major interference.’
    • ‘Placing the cryocooler this close to the terminals reduces the destructive thermal noise present in every receiver.’
    • ‘As examples of randomness, Wolfram mentions Brownian motion and electronic circuit randomizers that amplify thermal noise.’
    • ‘The key to the experiment will be minimising such thermal noise and then seeing if the results change when parameters such as the size of the crystal are varied slightly.’